Ohlins TTX kit $2495.00 installed
Ohlins 30mm drop in cartridge kit with a TTX rear shock. Absolutely the best suspension available for the money.We will take your bike, install the 30mm front cartridge kit (all fluids and labor included) and a TTX shock.

Plus you will receive a full day of track side support at an Apex track day or a MOM test day from Matt. $60.00 value.

Trackside Suspension Tuning

Basic Sag and Hydraulic Set Up $40
One on One on Track Tuning $60 per person
Geometry Set Up

  • Fork Height
  • Rear Ride Height
$80 / hr


Suspension Fluid becomes contaminated over time. Overheating and internal component wear creates a dirty fluid that clogs oil pathways and valving stacks. In addition, the contaminated fluid promotes premature breakdown of bushings and seals causing “blow-by” and seal leakage.

  1. disassemble
  2. cleaning & inspection of components
  3. replacement of worn parts
  4. reassembly
  5. recharge (shocks)

  • Street Inverted – $115.00
  • Street Conventional – $95.00
  • Motocross – $95.00

  • Street – $95.00
  • Motocross – $95.00


The ultimate in tailored suspension! Each suspension is custom built according to bike & rider combination resulting in incredible performance improvements.

The “revalve” consists of all services offered in the rebuild, plus:

  1. evaluation of stock spring rates and comparison with custom spring rate calculations
  2. piston bodies are replaced with new assemblies that maximize oil flow
  3. compression & rebound shim stacks are optimized to meet individual needs

  • Street Inverted – $175.00
  • Street Conventional – $175.00
  • Motocross – $175.00

  • Street – $145.00
  • Motocross – $145.00

*Prices do not include replacement parts or fluids

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